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"Only the strong survive."
Dark Fantasy - Epic Fantasy - Action & Adventure - Sword & Sorcery

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My name is Malina, and I was one of The Chosen.

To this day, some would argue that I helped save the world, whereas most still swear by the gods that I alone condemned it.

In a time of war, I was a weapon forged out of darkness, magically honed to perfection. My purpose: to thwart the malevolent forces opposing the fulfilment of a thousand-year-old prophecy - the triumphant return of The Once and Future King.

Accepting my destiny, I killed the guilty and the innocent, became both betrayer and the betrayed, trusting it was for the greater good, a means to a glorious end. My lost soul and a conscience stained by blood seemed a small price to pay for the end of injustice, inequality and conflict.

I obeyed to live. I lived to kill. I killed to survive. Amidst the chaos, I also dared to love, so do not judge me too harshly.

But before I became a legend of dark renown, my journey began in obscurity as an orphan destined for a gruesome demise in the fetid depths of The Mountain of Souls. Perhaps it would have been kinder for the world had I surrendered to that fate.

My name is Malina, and I was one of The Chosen.

This is my story.

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