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"Old Legends die hard."
Dark Fantasy - Arc of Redemption - Fairytale-esq
Kindle - Paperback - Hardback - Audible - Kindle Unlimited


Garet ... once a rebel general, a blight reaver, a warrior, a hunter, and a love-struck man.

Now, eight years after the rebellion was won, he has lost … everything. A bitter recluse, he counts out his remaining days in the mountains, far from the rule of the latest despotic king to sit on the throne and the blight that afflicts the realm.


Yet destiny hasn’t finished with Garet, and nor it seems, is the prophecy that hangs over his head forgotten.


Someone from his past, someone he’d rather was dead, comes seeking his help, and for better or worse, his life will never be the same again.


Love can be to live or die for, but revenge … that’s to kill for!

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