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Marcus Lee is a number one bestselling author of fantasy novels full of magic, conquest, darkness vs light, and Machiavellian plot twists that you won't see coming.

Born and living in London, he has been a lover of fantasy since reading Homer's The Odyssey and The Illiad as a seven year old. Now, as a father of one, he seeks to create worlds and stories that capture the imagination of a new generation of readers, to give back some of the magic he has so happily immersed himself in over the years.

Whenever Marcus' quill is at rest, he can be found wandering enchanted forests or engaging in a variety of sports/playing computer games with his son.


"The Gifted and The Cursed" was my first offering to the world of fantasy, and it's a trilogy that I firmly believe has wide appeal for it touches upon so many sub-genres. I've been fortunate to receive glowing and encouraging feedback on each of the books. If you decide to join me on the journey with Maya, Taran, Rakan, and others, I hope you love it as much as I still do.

"The Chosen" was my second trilogy. A very dark, first-person fantasy tale of survival. It follows Malina as she undertakes a succession of trials to become one of The Chosen, part of a secretive sect destined to serve The Once and Future King on his return. Enter this tale at your own peril. The reviews of those who have are overwhelmingly positive.


"The Blood of Kings and Queens" is my latest fantasy work. It is a standalone novel, and yet, if demand dictates, there is definitely scope for it to continue. This story follows Garet, a man who has lost everything, and how he finds something to live for again. It's dark, and yet has far lighter moments than my other works. ARCs of redemption need something to brighten up our lives after all. This will be released in June 2024.


"Poems Inspired by True Love" is a rare deviation from my usual fantastical realms, and yet, perhaps, on the other hand, it isn't. I believe most people who read fantasy, are romantics at heart, seeking escape from the hum-drum of reality. This book of over 100 poems, also contains bard's tales, some of which find their way into "The Blood of Kings and Queens". 

Man at Desk

Writer, father, and many other things besides.


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