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Only the strong survive

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When Malina is sold at an auction block, she fears life will take a turn for the worse.

But even her darkest nightmares are nothing compared to the reality of what she faces when she's delivered to the Mountain of Souls.

Thrust into a brutal selection process where failure means death, Malina must train and fight not only to survive but to prove herself worthy to serve.

The risks are deadly, but if she succeeds, the rewards are beyond measure, and a destiny unlike any other awaits as one of The Chosen.

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Against incredible odds, Malina has not only become a Chosen but has found friendship, love, and a home in the Mountain of Souls

Yet, despite the rewards, this journey has taken a heavy toll. With remorse over the many lives she's taken, a constant companion, her doubts give rise to difficult questions.

Only the Once and Future King has the answers, but sometimes seeking the truth uncovers lies that can destroy the foundations of even the strongest belief.

And hell hath no fury like a Chosen deceived.


As the Chosen lie broken, defeated, or dead, the Once and Future King with his legions stand victorious. The promised golden age of humankind is instead a ruin filled with despair. Kingdoms burn, destroyed by lies, misdirection, and a plan a thousand years in the making.

At the centre of it all stands Malina. Stripped of her love, humanity, and hope, both betrayer and betrayed, she continues her desperate struggle against the encroaching darkness.


For despite losing everything, Malina is driven to face her nemesis again by thoughts of revenge, a thirst for blood, and a desire to save the world she helped condemn. With such a mission before her, just one thing is certain.


Only the strong will survive.

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