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Bloggers are the lifeblood of indie authors. So a massive thank you to them for taking the time to read and review my epic fantasy trilogy from a professional perspective. So far I've been gifted with only good reviews. Will I now be cursed?

This is just a small selection from my book; Kings and Daemons.



A big thank you to those kind souls who have left Amazon reviews. It might only take a little time, but it means a lot!

This is just a small selection


''Kings and Daemons is the first book in a trilogy written by Marcus Lee. The book’s greatest strength is its taut storytelling; the author never allowing the reader any unnecessary deviations which could possibly slow them down. The pace is remorseless. Characters nevertheless always remain true to themselves and landscapes and backgrounds are drawn accurately enough to make this dystopian world believable. Lee’s writing style in many ways matches the barren landscape in which the characters live; it’s spartan and devoid of flourishes. Kings and Daemons is a strong debut and leaves the reader ready for the second in the series, Tristan’s Folly.'' 5/5 stars

''It had been a long time since I stayed up until 4am in the morning to finish a book! This is a dark story of brutal conquest yet it is delightfully brightened by unexpected humour, love, and hope in the face of terrible adversity and overwhelming odds. There is only one downside, and that is having to wait for the sequels. A wonderful escape that I will pass on to my daughter to read next.'' 5/5 stars

''Best page-turner I've encountered in over a decade. I have read just about every book in this genre and this is right at the top of the list. I even tried to slow down my reading as I wanted it to last longer..'' 5/5 stars

''What a great book. It might be rather dark at times, but that is offset by a beautiful love story that runs throughout. I loved the female lead character. The fantasy world in which she lived was so bleak and the revelation of her gift was a beautiful thing when set against such a backdrop. I'd recommend this to readers of fantasy and romance alike'' 5/5 stars

''So! This is listed as a fantasy romance which I do agree with and I'd also say that it borders between adult and YA so lovers of either will get along with this book! We follow a few different protagonists in this book and I have to say, I loved all of them! There's usually at least one character that I don't like following but all of these characters were really interesting and I loved seeing what they did! The world-building in this book was also fantastic! I found that I could always visualise each of the different areas that our characters went through which is a big plus for me! This book basically has something for everyone! There's action, a bit of romance (which was done very well), all of the fantasy elements that we know and love along with a few things that were new to me and I hadn't seen before! I would definitely recommend picking this one up and I can't wait for the next book!'' 5/5 stars

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