Firstly a big thanks to Jacqueline Abromeit for helping the main female lead, Maya, come to life for the cover of Kings and Daemons and Tristan's Folly. I can't wait to work with her again for the final cover of The End of Dreams.

Maya didn't always look like she now does, so here are a few pictures of the journey she took to grace the front cover of my debut books.

Now, I'd be delighted to think that one day someone might love my books enough to think, hey, let me draw another one of the characters, and if so, then I'd be delighted to showcase your artwork on this page too. Let's be honest though, there will be boundaries ... not based so much on skill, more on appropriate content!

A free signed paperback copy of my book for anyone who submits artwork that ends up gracing this page. 

TristansFolly-original 4.jpg

The Gifted and the Cursed trilogy is an epic tale, suitable for adult and new adult readers of fantasy and fantasy romance. Bloggers have also described it as Dark Fantasy.